Buenos Aires

The list of reasons to visit Buenos Aires is long. You will go through it, it will move you and you will take a great memory of it. We present you with good reasons to get to know one of the most attractive cities in Latin America.

Because you can dance tango in its place of origin

Born in the Río de la Plata in the 19th century, tango is a fusion between African culture, the local cultures of gauchos and native peoples, and the contribution of European and Middle Eastern immigrants. In the city you will find numerous tanguerías with live orchestras and dancers. The best? The most recognized places include a dinner with a specialty of Argentine meats or an international menu.

Because you will understand how far the passion for football can go

In Buenos Aires you breathe football at all times: you feel it in the stadiums, you hear it in the neighborhood coffee shops and you see it in a goal hug between teammates from an amateur league team. In addition, Buenos Aires is the headquarters of the “most intense sporting experience in the world”: the SuperClásico, the match between Boca and River, the two most important teams in the country, in which the deepest part of this passion is experienced.

Because you will celebrate and laugh until (very) late

The night is a key element in the "city that never sleeps". In its bars and bars, breweries and discos, young people and adults find proposals throughout the week to enjoy until the sun rises again. Only here can you dine in a restaurant after midnight or start the scene at three in the morning. Are you going to miss his eternal night?

Because we say hola, hello, bonjour, ciao and olá

Buenos Aires is the faithful reflection of those who came from far away to inhabit “the new world”. In the Buenos Aires visual identity, foreign influences are intermingled that make up an uneven and exciting whole. We have Spanish, Italian, French, English, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Brazilian and Peruvian nuances, among many others. You will discover it in its architecture, in its food and in the way of speaking and being of its inhabitants.

Because you are going to buy real quality designer garments

Local brands and independent designers make Buenos Aires the ideal destination for those looking for new aesthetics and exclusive clothes. The star of the market? Tanneries with handmade genuine leather products. Don't miss the antiques and crafts fairs either, full of curiosities and hidden stories.

Because you will try all the flavors of the world in a single city

Buenos Aires cuisine is based on the essence of the immigrants who populated Buenos Aires in the 19th century and enriched the Creole menu with recipes from Spain, Italy, Germany and the incredible Andean cuisine of neighboring countries. Its gastronomic quality is recognized in the list “LatinAmerica’s 50 Best Restaurants 2016”, with eight award-winning Buenos Aires restaurants. Don't leave without trying a good barbecue, Buenos Aires pizza, empanadas, dulce de leche ice cream, alfajores, delicious churros and, of course, the traditional mate.

Because you will know where Pope Francis lived and grew up

The Pope from the end of the world is Argentine and his secular name is Jorge Mario Bergoglio. He was born and raised in Flores, in Buenos Aires, and served as Archbishop of the province until March 13, 2013, the day he was named Pope. I know his house, his kindergarten and elementary school and the square where he played with his friends. On the other hand, he also characterizes the multiplicity of temples: we have Catholic churches, synagogues, Christian temples, mosques, and Buddhist and Hindu centers.

Because you will enjoy its most cultural side

There are many reasons that lead to indicate that Buenos Aires is a city steeped in culture. This is demonstrated by its 380 bookstores, its 287 theaters and its 160 museums. The Colón also collaborates as one of the four most outstanding lyrical theaters in the world, the porteño fileteado as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by Unesco and Corrientes Avenue as a witness to the golden age of tango. Whether it's a wall (visit El regreso de Quinquela, with 2000 m²) or a napkin, we understand that any excuse can act as a canvas to manifest an attack of inspiration.

Because you will be surrounded by green and fresh air

We are a nature-friendly urban destination, ideal for traveling by bicycle or on foot. Its pedestrian streets and the extensive system of cycle paths allow you to explore it in a sustainable way. We have more than 100 public green spaces; One of them, the Ecological Reserve, of 350 hectares, is a meeting point for thousands of runners, tourists, young people and environmental specialists. As they would say in Creole, to lock yourself under four walls, it's better to stay home, right? Go outside, breathe the fresh air and take as many images as your camera or cell phone memory allows.

Because you will return with many friends

The essence of Buenos Aires is in its people. No matter how long your stay lasts, at the end of the trip you will understand that the taste of mate is not bad at all but that, in truth, it represents a symbol of affection and camaraderie; You will understand that we enjoy talking after eating so much that we even called it “after dinner”; and, above all things, you will have deciphered that, although we are accused of giving too many kisses and hugs, people have no other quality more genuine than the demonstration of affection.